Image of LSU graduates looking to the future. Image of LSU graduates looking to the future.


Developing Leaders

LSU will create an experience to prepare LSU graduates to lead purposeful lives as community leaders and global citizens. Using the Roger Hatfield Ogden Honors College as a leading example, graduates will be able to understand and communicate with others, analyze and solve problems, and make socially responsible decisions based on literacies in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

Revise General Education

LSU will create a core integrative curriculum to replace the traditional general education paradigm.

Develop a Campus-wide Culture of Cross-disciplinary Teaching and Research

LSU will encourage faculty and student collaboration across academic disciplines while eliminating bureaucratic barriers.

Attract Students Best Suited to Benefit from the LSU Experience

LSU will purposefully recruit and support students best suited for LSU through enrollment management strategies and scholarships.


“LSU Integrative Core”

With the overarching goal of producing highly effective leaders, problem solvers, and global citizens envisioned in the LSU mission for undergraduate education, the strategic planning subcommittee on general education is enhancing the existing general education format with integrative learning strategies. The new format will maintain fundamental aspects of the current distribution process, but will supplement them with learning experiences that enhance the student’s ability to develop the proficiencies associated with high-level success in the job market. General education courses will involve students in integrative learning strategies that align—in a scaffolding of courses across the undergraduate curriculum—assignments that mirror and/or actually involve students in the solution of complex, real-world problems. Instructors will maintain the freedom to present assignments that correspond to their own interests and inclinations, but will include pedagogies that require students to synthesize information in multi-disciplinary and co-curricular contexts. Introduction to inquiry of this sort will occur in a course in the student’s first year of study, will be continued in intermediate courses, and will conclude in a capstone experience in the senior year.

LSU Center for Collaborative Knowledge

In its 1877 charter, LSU committed itself to serving as “an institution of learning, in the broadest and highest sense.” At a time of rapid technological, political, and economic change, and of widening social divisions—defined chiefly by educational opportunities—we must reaffirm this vision of the university as the generator of broad and deep knowledge. Now, more than ever before, our students need an education that provides them the mental flexibility and sophisticated understanding of human cultures necessary to thrive over the course of the long and varied lives ahead of them in today’s global world. Accordingly, the Center for Collaborative Knowledge seeks to widen, deepen, and intensify interdisciplinary research and teaching as a means to better prepare LSU students and faculty to take on leadership roles in competitive marketplaces and to act as globally-engaged citizens in an increasingly complex world.

Latest News: University Launches the Center for Collaborative Knowledge

LSU Scholars Endowment Initiative

LSU’s fundraising initiative will focus on expanding our scholarship program to recruit the best and brightest young minds, provide access to those with need, and extend experiential learning opportunities for students. LSU has identified three primary focus areas:

• Leadership Scholarships: The LSU Leaders Scholarship will help identify, recruit and recognize exceptional students across all fields of study. Candidates will participate in a rigorous application and interview process before being selected to receive the LSU Leaders Scholarship, which will offer opportunities such as full tuition, room and board, and enrichment funds, such as a study abroad stipend.

• University Endowed Scholarships: This “in state” scholarship will provide “close the gap” funding to allow LSU to recruit and retain exceptional students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend LSU.

• Experiential Learning and Enrichment Endowed Scholarships: Building from our values, culturally competent and globally engaged, this scholarship will provide funding for students to explore their world and better understand complex issues through experiential learning opportunities.