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Referencing the institution’s original charter, LSU’s rich heritage supports the ideals we value as a campus community—a balanced university that promotes the importance of our agricultural and engineering background, as well as the humanities, arts, and sciences with a passion to educate the whole individual that is inclusive and inquisitive. As faculty, staff, and students, we strive for excellence in expressing these values so they remain part of our culture and the legacy of LSU. They are:

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Collaborative: We foster a culture that values and rewards collaboration at all levels of the university: across disciplines; among faculty, staff, and students; with other universities and institutions; and those we serve.

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Creative: We nurture ingenuity throughout all areas of the university by creating a culture that encourages excellence, risktaking, and an open-minded approach to challenges, while also recognizing and rewarding emerging talent and ingenuity.

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Culturally Adept: We celebrate our own uniqueness combined with an awareness and respect of local and global values and beliefs, which help to strengthen the intellectual environment and support our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Globally Engaged: We understand that global events and culture affect our university, just as our scholarship, discovery, and experiences contribute to the world around us. Only through a conscious and consistent effort to connect with our global neighbors can we ensure that we advance the greater good for our entire planet.

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Innovative: We innovate in the classroom, through discovery, and during engagement with the community. Innovative thinking across the university can help solve the challenges of those we serve and enhance LSU’s role as a global leader.

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Transformative: We are a catalyst for transformation; a force for good that changes lives and makes a significant, positive impact on the world around us.